Do you require 100% uptime on your data center storage infrastructure without compromising performance, scale, or flexibility?

The HPE XP8 Gen2 Storage array is the newest addition to the HPE XP storage family that has achieved 7-years of 100% data availability1 across the entire installed base. There is no room to improve on 100%, but HPE XP8 is raising the bar by delivering industry leading 8-nines5 of availability, nearly assuring continued 100% availability well into the future.

Without compromise means that HPE XP8 Gen2 provides unrivaled performance, scale and flexibility. In terms of performance,  HPE XP8 delivers over 33 million IOPs2, well beyond competitors. HPE XP8 enables scalability up to 69 petabytes of internal capacity, and up to 255 PB of external virtual capacity. Flexibility to configure Hybrid or Flash, SAS or NVMe, HDD, SSD, FMD, or SCM. Newly added HW Compression Accelerator and Front-End FC NVMe adds even more performance, scale, and flexibility.

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