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You may also call us for a services request at 877-291-1158.


Request for Services

Please fill out form to request services from FedTek.

  • Please verify all information below to prevent delays in service delivery...

  • The serial number is a ten or twelve digit alpha-numberic number that is unique to your product. (e.g. CSN65BM18V)
  • If you have it, please provide the spare part number of the failed part. For hard drives, it can be found on the front label of the drive. If you do not have the spare part number of the drive, please provide the site and speed of the drive in the description field.
  • The Product Number is a six or seven-digit alpha-numeric number that identifies your product (e.g. C8376A, BBF40EA, 456895-002)
    Note: Delivery times are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Same day delivery may take up to 4 hours and require a signature.