ICS is the leader in the design and production of creative solutions that help companies in both the manufacturing and business environment. With its strong engineering division and creative software development staff, ICS takes pride in bringing high quality, forward thinking products to the market. ICS collaborated with Law Enforcement Agencies and became a prominent supplier of Law Enforcement & Computer Forensic Systems to Law Enforcement personnel ranging from local police departments to Federal and International agencies. ICS units are being used today by government agencies worldwide.


  • High-Speed Hard Drive Duplication
  • Acquire Data from Unopened PCs, Laptops and Mac Computers
  • MultiDrive Duplicators
  • Hard Drive Sanitization Tools
“We estimate these units will save us approximately 6,800 to 10,880 man-hours per year, a cost savings of $170,000 to $272,000.  These gains of course will be rolled back into other tasks we presently have to defer, but it’s still a huge savings and increase in productivity/consistency.”

MSgt. Jason McBride – U.S. Air Force Systems Integration Manager